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Interview: Freema Agyeman of “Doctor Who”

Freema AgyemanLondon-born actress Freema Agyeman was making steady inroads into British television when she got her big break with a relatively minor role in the current revival of Doctor Who, playing a character who is brainwashed and later killed by the evil android Cybermen. Her performance impressed the show’s producers enough that they brought her back the next year as the new primary co-star to David Tennant’s Doctor—this time playing her deceased character’s cousin, the plucky doctor-in-training Martha Jones. Though Martha was replaced this year by a new companion played by Catherine Tate, she’s returning for a short story arc and the series finale, as well as a three-episode stint on the spin-off Torchwood, with the potential for a more permanent return. Agyeman recently spoke with The A.V. Club about creating her character, avoiding spoilers, and the dangers of typecasting.

Originally published on May 15, 2008. Read the complete article.

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