Review: H.P. Lovecraft, Tales

H.P. Lovecraft, TalesHorror writer H.P. Lovecraft died in poverty in 1937, mostly unknown and treated with derision by the reputable literary world, to the degree that it acknowledged him at all. But over time, he found increasing cult popularity—his works have been filmed at least 40 times—and a more grudging but genuine critical acceptance. The new Lovecraft anthology Lovecraft: Tales, part of the prestigious Library Of America series, is the clearest indication yet of his rising reputation, and a victory both for Lovecraft and for the often-disrespected genres he worked in. Edited by Ghost Story author Peter Straub, Tales collects 20 of Lovecraft’s best stories, including “The Call Of Cthulhu,” “The Dunwich Horror,” and “Herbert West—Re-Animator.”

Originally published on March 8, 2005. Read the complete article.

And the ‘Survivor’ winner is…

Diaz-Twine claims title, $1 million prize, SUV

“Jonny Fairplay” became “Jonny Loser.” In the finale of the seventh season of “Survivor,” Sandra Diaz-Twine, 29, an office assistant from Fort Lewis, Wash., beat out the remaining contestants to take home one million dollars, a sport-utility vehicle, and the title of Ultimate Survivor.

Four contestants had made it to the final round of CBS’ reality game show. Besides Diaz-Twine, they were Jon Dalton, 29, an art consultant from Danville, Virginia; Lill Morris, 51, a Boy Scout troop leader from Cincinnati; and Darrah Johnson, 22, a mortician from Liberty, Miss.

Diaz-Twine beat out Morris in a 6-1 vote by a jury made up of the seven most recently ousted Survivors. She had achieved the notable distinction of never having received a vote against her in any of the tribal councils leading up to this final ballot, a first in the series. In addition to the money, she won a new SUV; Morris took second place and $100,000.

Originally published on March 4, 2005. Read the complete article.

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