Beyond ‘Buffy’: State of sci-fi on TV

“Buffy” is long gone, and the “Angel” TV series just had a stake driven through it. “Farscape” was cancelled long ago, and the “Star Trek” franchise has for years been zooming at Warp Nine to the Suckitude Galaxy.

Is there anything out there on TV for a science-fiction fan to look forward to? You won’t find much of it on the big broadcast networks, unfortunately — only one new show focused on science fiction or fantastical themes is debuting on the older, larger broadcast networks, namely NBC’s “Revelations,” and it looks pretty terrible.

But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing on the radar that looks promising—far from it. Here’s a quick roundup of the shows that have us most intrigued, some nearly ready for broadcast, some just wisps of rumor.

Originally published on July 16, 2004. Read the complete article.

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