About Me

Hello. I’m Christopher Bahn, a writer and editor from Minneapolis specializing in the arts and pop culture.

My features, reviews, interviews, album liner notes, and other writing have appeared in The A.V. Club, MSNBC.com, St. Paul Pioneer Press, Mpls.St.Paul Magazine, Clarkesworld, Momentum, Spaces, The Rake, Request, City Pages, Citysearch, Sidewalk, The Minnesota Daily, and elsewhere. I was also the lead editor for the A.V. Club’s Minneapolis-St. Paul edition from 2004 to 2010, and an associate editor at The Rake and the Minnesota editions of Citysearch and Sidewalk.

About this website

The website collects previously published writing from newspapers, print magazines, and other places on the Internet. I might occasionally publish something new here, but the main intention is for this to be an archive of my work that might be hard to find or even completely vanished in its originally published form. If the article is still available at its original site, I’ll probably just provide a link from here to there, but in other cases I’m reprinting things in full.

I have, in some cases, updated the articles presented here. When I’ve done so in a way that goes beyond copyediting, I’ll mention that in an editor’s note in the article. As you may know, writers are often not able to write their own headlines—that’s traditionally reserved for their editors. I have taken the liberty of changing the original headlines, if it seems necessary, when republishing them here.

I have republished the articles here with dates that match the original publication as close as possible. In cases where I’ve updated the text significantly, such as my interview with Michael Yonkers, I’ve kept the original publication date but also noted the date of the re-edit.

Contact me at chrisbahnchrisbahn[at]gmail[dot]com.

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