Doctor Who

I wrote extensively about Doctor Who, particularly covering the 1963-1989 “Classic Era,” for The A.V. Club from 2010 to 2015. Taken as a whole, it’s the longest and probably the best work of my career: More than 80 in-depth reviews of individual episodes, plus a dozen or so related articles, obituaries, and news items, totaling 150,000 words or so.

While all of the text is still online as of late 2023, it’s not easy to find on the original website anymore, as time has wreaked havoc on the site’s archives. For your reading convenience, here are links to everything I wrote, in order of publication. Unlike most A.V. Club television coverage, I didn’t write about the show in chronological order—instead, my editors and I decided that it would be better to jump around from season to season, the better to give an overview of the history and development of the longest-running science-fiction series in TV history.

The links below take you off this website directly to the original articles.

Episode reviews:

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